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Compact Driver Has Built-In Reference Voltage

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Used to control the flow of air or liquid through proportional solenoid valves, the multi-adjustable Block Micro Proportional Driver (MPD) can be used for virtually any application, thanks to its palm-sized configuration. Features include: compact size for easy fitting in tight spaces; true sine wave dithering for finer control with less wear on equipment; and a 5V built-in reference voltage that controls output current. The unit operates over a wide voltage range of 9 vdc to 28 vdc to accommodate applications such as automotive, trucks, and off-road equipment. It provides a stable 5 vdc built-in reference voltage, allowing for pitch control and avoids the need for an additional power source. The MPD is available in two versions: the High-Resolution version that operates with a maximum output current of 1.5A continuous and 4.7 A peak pulsed; and the Standard version that operates with a maximum output current of 3.0A continuous and 17A peak pulsed.

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