Auto Electronics

Conformance Test for FlexRay

This year should see completion of a further step in the introduction of the FlexRay communication system, namely the provision of a protocol conformance test.” The performance of such conformance tests for semiconductor manufacturers and their customers is necessary in order that FlexRay can establish itself as the new “de facto” communication standard in the automobile. As an official partner, the TÜV NORD ( with its Institute for Vehicle Technology and Mobility (IFM) in Essen has been commissioned by the FlexRay consortium to develop a test system by which in the future all newly developed communication controllers are to be tested and certified with respect to conformance with the FlexRay protocol before being used in industry. The IFM, which is the second largest Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV) in Germany, will not only perform these tests, but will also maintain the test system and test specification.

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