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Controller Includes Rich Set of Features

Freescale's MFR4200 FlexRay communication provides system designers with the advanced networking features defined by the FlexRay consortium. This device is designed for easy integration with a wide range of MCUs such as Freescale's lines of S12X, PowerPC MPC5xx and MPC55xx, and Hawk DSP.

The MFR4200 includes a rich set of features, permitting networking that is high bandwidth, deterministic, highly reliable, and that shares a global time base. These features include a bit rate up to a maximum of 10 Mbit/s on each of two channels, a flexible error signaling mechanism that provides eight configurable counters, slot status indicators and interrupts, and a duration of the communication cycle configurable in microticks. The MFR4200 is available in production quantities.
Freescale Semiconductor Inc. • (800) 521

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