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CSR taps nFore for in-car Bluetooth enhancements

CSR will use software from nFore Technology to provide noise and echo cancellation and music enhancements for in-car Bluetooth solutions. nFore participates in CSR’s eXtension Partner Programme, an open DSP developers’ program that channels third-party software enhancements to CSR’s BlueCore5-Multimedia platform.

CSR has designed Bluetooth applications for automotive customers including Audi, BMW, Nissan and Saab. nFore’s customers include Mitsubishi, Peugeot and Volkswagen.

nFore’s technology includes adaptive acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), active noise cancellation, stereo sound enhancements, omnidirectional microphones, a bass boost solution for headphones, and a solution for avoiding voice clipping during a call.

CSR also has added an echo cancellation feature to RoadRunner Plug-n-Talk, its reference design for low-cost Bluetooth hands-free kits. The echo cancellation feature provides enhanced sound quality in automotive cabins. The reference design is based on CSR’s BlueCore3-Multimedia, which includes an on-chip DSP and CODEC, and it includes CSR’s BlueLab software, a configuration tool that offers full access to the source code.

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