Auto Electronics

Customizable Rotary Position Sensors

Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd. has produced two distinct series of rotary position sensors that feature long lifetimes and configurable outputs. The distinct features of each allows for optimizing for form factor or high reliability (contactless).

The SV21 features a rotating magnet and a hall-effect device to eliminate contact wear. This device has an effective rotational angle of 200 8. Customers may specify the inclination, offset, upper limit, and lower limit of the output voltage. The form factor of the SV21 is 23.0 mm × 16.0 mm × 32.5 mm. The SV01 has a much smaller form factor and a greater effective rotational angle. It features a linearity of 2% and an operational lifetime of one million cycles.
Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd. • (770)

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