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DC Thermal Controller OccupiesJust One Inch Square Of Space

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Measuring only 1" x 1" x 1.5", the CT325 temperature controller can manipulate up to 240W of heat. The unit derives its power for operating both its electronics and the heating element from a single dc supply. The miniature unit accepts input from either a 100½ or 1 k½ platinum RTD or a 50-k½ thermistor. Test points are provided that allow users to monitor setpoint and temperatures with a voltmeter, with output temperatures indicated in mV/¡C. Completely sealed in epoxy, the controller is suitable for use in outdoor systems, telecomm enclosures, medical equipment, and automotive components. For more details and pricing, call Brian Jones at MINCO PRODUCTS INC., Minneapolis, MN. (763) 571-3121.

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