Auto Electronics

Delphi demos laser-based head-up haptic display

Engineers from Delphi’s technical centre in Illkirch, France developed a new head-up display and a haptic display for designer Franco Sbarro’s “Orbital Hybrid” concept car.

Current head-up displays reflect information on mirrors. The head-up display Delphi developed for the Sbarro concept car uses laser and microstructure-based technologies to create a virtual image. Benefits of the design include a smaller package, lower cost, and higher luminance (up to 5000cd/m2) with low power consumption. Delphi said the display also offers flexibility in integration (e.g., roof module, dashboard), color, and position of the virtual image in the real scene.

Delphi Haptics on the concept car combines display and force feedback technology, replacing separate HVAC, radio, entertainment, communications and vehicle dynamics settings with a single mechatronics module. Sensors will anticipate the user’s intentions and automatically provide the proper menu, according to Laurent Tupinier, Delphi controls and security technology development manager.

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