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Delphi offers USCAR connectors with flexible beam technology

Delphi Connection Systems has modified its GT 150 and 280 series of unsealed series connectors to create a United States Council for Automotive Research (USCAR) version. The connectors employ Delphi’s patented flexible beam technology, which provides audible and tactile feedback so that operators will know that a connection has been made.

Delphi’s USCART FBT connectors have a mating terminal lead-in molded on; a rigid retention ramp on one side of the cavity wall, and a flexible beam on the other. Product manager Brian Kogut explained that when the terminal is inserted, the flexible beam acts like a spring, holding the terminal against the retention ramp. The design creates a higher terminal-to-connector retention force and also facilitates terminal removal.

"We are creating terminal position assurance without the need for additional pieces," said Kogut. "This allows for fewer pieces, which drives cost savings without sacrificing performance."

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