Auto Electronics

Delphi press-fit, solder-free termination approach benefits connector-PCB mating

Adapting for automotive use a technology used in the telecommunications and aerospace industries, Delphi Corporation has developed press-fit compliant pins that can be integrated into vehicle manufacturers' device interconnect applications and connector/module housings. The comparatively oversized pins are designed to provide solder-free and lead-free electrical connections between connector components and printed circuit boards with plated through-holes.

John McClearn, managing director of Delphi Connection Systems North America, said termination through compliant pin utilization provides automotive customers with a single-point answer for mechanical integration, thus allowing them to focus resources on core electronics competency. “Mechanical attachment is simplified, and full repair capability is available through the easy exchange of connectors and contacts," he said, adding that the pins allow for double-sided PCB capability.

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