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Delphi USB port lets passengers download MP3 files from pen drives

Delphi Connection Systems has introduced a universal serial bus (USB) consumer port that serves as an interface between the vehicle's electrical system and external consumer equipment. The port is optimized for USB 1.1 but adaptable to USB 2.0 or 1394 connection. The port is also USCAR-30 compliant.

When installed in the glove compartment or on the dashboard, the port enables passengers to download MP3 music files from pen drives and listen to them through the vehicle's audio system. In the future, Delphi said, multiple ports could accommodate audio/video, telematics and global positioning exchange.

The USB interface has a stainless steel front cover that can be customized. Orange, red and green LEDs are available to light USB symbols on the cover. A header connector interfaces to a standard 0.64 MTS automotive harness connector. Damaged ports can be replaced easily by disengaging the rear connector.

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