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DENSO sets five-year North American environmental action plan

DENSO has announced a five-year North American environmental action plan that encompasses product development, purchasing and manufacturing, and seeks to engage employees and other stakeholders.

The firm plans to reduce its use of resources in product development, especially environmentally hazardous substances such as mercury, cadmium and hexavalent chromium, and it intends to integrate environmental planning into its product design.

As part of its effort to reduce the environmental impact of its manufacturing and distribution facilities, DENSO plans to cut water use to 50% of 1999 levels; trim CO2 emissions by 18% in manufacturing facilities and 6% in other facilities); reduce landfill waste by 75% of 1999 levels, and reduce hazardous substance emissions by decreasing its manufacturing facility regulated emissions volume by 30% of 2000 levels.

DENSO International America president and CEO Mitsuo Matsushita said DENSO group companies will develop green procurement guidelines and promote the purchase of environmentally friendly products. The firm will also “encourage and support” its employees’ environmental activities. "Our ultimate goal is to prevent global warming, recycle resources, and reduce environmentally hazardous substances," said Matsushita. "We recognize that while automobiles are an essential part of our daily lives, they do have a negative impact on the environment. We believe it is our responsibility to do everything we can to reduce that environmental burden."

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