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Diodes Inc. introduces high-efficiency SBR devices in compact power package

Diodes Inc. has introduced a six-member SBR family of 3 A and 2 A rectifiers in PowerDI123 flat lead frame packages. The devices are said to offer efficiency, reliability, and a wide safe operating area in high temperature automotive and other applications. Features include low forward voltage (Vf), high thermal stability, ±16 kV human body model electrostatic discharge ratings, and a reverse avalanche capability higher than that of traditional Schottky rectifier technology.

Diodes Inc. president and chief executive officer Keh-Shew Lu said the rectifiers reflect synergies between the firm’s recently acquired SBR patented wafer technology and its proprietary packaging, which is said to offer efficient power dissipation.

The SBR3U30P1 SBR combines “ultralow” Vf with a continuous forward current rating of 3 A and a maximum junction temperature rating of 150 °C for use in 1/8th and 1/16th brick dc/dc converters. The SBR3A30P1 and SBR3M30P1 are said to combine high efficiency and high thermal performance, including 175 °C maximum junction temperature, in power supply and under-the-hood automotive applications. Other devices include a 2 A ultralow Vf version, SBR2U30P1; a 2 A ultralow leakage version, SBR2M30P1, and 30 V/40 V low Vf versions, SBR2A30P1 and SBR2A40P1.
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