Auto Electronics

Dirac Research AB Partners with Lear Corporation for automotive sound systems

Dirac Research AB and Lear Corporation have signed a licensing and distribution agreement to integrate Dirac Live loudspeaker equalization technology with Lear's amplifier solution for use by a German car manufacturer.

Armin Prommersberger, Lear's product manager for sound systems, said that tuning the sound of in-car entertainment systems can be a tedious and complicated task even for sound engineers skilled in the art. The Dirac Live automated design methodology is said to simplify the process of staging, clarity, and tonal balance tuning to a minimal amount of adjustments and settings, allowing Lear sound designers to focus on tailoring the sound characteristics for particular car models. Lear has decided to integrate Direc Research AB’s technology into Lear’s digital signal processor-equipped amplifiers for OEM customers.

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