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DriveCam selects Ethertronics embedded antennas for video event recorder

DriveCam Inc. has selected embedded antennas from Ethertronics Inc. for a behavior-based risk mitigation solution.

DriveCam’s video event recorder is being used by distribution fleets, and by parents to monitor teenagers’ driving behaviors. Mounted on the windshield behind the rearview mirror, the camera captures sights, sounds, and exceptional forces inside and outside the vehicle, including hard braking, swerving and collision.

Captured digital video is transmitted to a center to be analyzed and used in ongoing driver coaching programs to improve behavior and mitigate driver risk. The DriveCam systems uses cellular main and diversity antennas from Ethertronics. Measuring less than 0.18 cubic inches, Ethertronics’ main quad-band antenna covers the GSM 850, GSM 900, DCS and PCS bands, while its 0.1-cubic-inch diversity antenna operates independently on the GPS and CDMA bands. Both antennas use patented Isolated Magnetic Dipole (IMD) technology with high-isolation characteristics that make it immune to frequency shifts and enable the high-performance in real-life environments.

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