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Driver IC Provides Auto Relay Control

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Performing a number of detection and protection functions to ensure safe, proper operation of relays in automotive systems, CS-1107 single-relay driver IC offers on-chip diagnostics to detect open-circuit and short-circuit conditions of relays and reports the conditions at the device's fault pin, an active low open collector output that is usually fed to the automotive system's µP. The driver circuit also contains an internal Zener diode to protect itself from relay flyback pulses and an over-temperature shutdown circuit for protection should the relay fail. The driver has a TTL-compatible control input that turns on the output when the control input is a logic high. If the control pin is open, internal pull-up circuits ensure that the output turns off to disable the relay. The driver draws 6 mA in the on-mode and only 250 µA in the off-mode. Power requirement is a nominal 5V.

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