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dSPACE “light” MicroAutoBox eases ECU prototyping

dSPACE has introduced the MicroAutoBox 1401/1507 a prototyping solution for gateway and bypassing applications in electronic control unit (ECU) development. It features a processor and CAN, LIN, and FlexRay bus interfaces, as well as a bypassing interface, but lacks the standard I/O of dSPACE’s larger MicroAutoBox 1401/1505/1507.

The MathWorks MATLAB/Simulink/Stateflow modeling tools are integrated into the dSPACE prototyping environment, and developers can implement Simulink models on the MicroAutoBox automatically. An integrated flight recorder helps in later data analysis and error searches. It can be coupled with a notebook and used for real-time data monitoring and parameter adjustment during test drives.

With an integrated bypass interface (DPMEM), the MicroAutoBox 1401/1507 can be used for bypass-based prototyping. Developers can also use bypassing as an easy way to adapt and extend ECU code, so they do not have to develop all the software functions for complex ECUs from scratch when the time allowed for development is tight. New functions are implemented on the dSPACE prototyping system, and the existing ECU executes the old code and takes care of input/output. Input data and results are exchanged between the MicroAutoBox and the original ECU.

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