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EEMBC announces benchmark scores for Infineon TC1796 automotive MCU

The 45-member Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium has published certified benchmark scores for the TC1796, the first member of the TriCore-based AUDO-NG family of automotive microcontrollers from Infineon Technologies.

Tested against EEMBC's AutoBench 1.1 suite of automotive/industrial processor benchmarks, the 150 MHz TC1796, used in conjunction with the Tasking VX toolset for TriCore v2.1r2, achieved a score of 100 Automarks, the highest recorded value for a device in this frequency range, according to EEMBC president Markus Levy.

The Automark score is the geometric mean of the 16 benchmark kernels in AutoBench, which include tests representing signal processing, communications and general-purpose microcontroller workloads typical of automotive and industrial systems.

"These benchmark scores, certified by the EEMBC Technology Center, provide an excellent approximation of how this device will handle computationally intensive tasks required by automotive applications," Levy said.

Christopher Hegarty, Infineon Microcontroller vice president and general manager, said the TC1796 is optimized for applications requiring embedded real-time performance and DSP capabilities combined with a fast interrupt response time and high level of fault tolerance. It features 2 MB of embedded flash, plus on-chip peripherals including Micro Second Bus, an analog to digital converter, and a Micro Link Interface. Its triple-bus structure is intended to boost overall automotive system performance while reducing system costs.

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