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Elastic Filler Pads Boast Of High Thermal Conductivity

These new gap filler pads boast of superior thermal conductivity, as well as excellent consistency and elasticity. The SARCON XR-e and XR-j silicone gel sheets are well-suited for filling air gaps and uneven surfaces in a variety of applications, including computer, consumer, communications, automotive and industrial products. Thermal conductivity of the SARCON XR-e and XR-j thermal gap filler pads is 11W/m-K and 14W/m-K, respectively. The thermal conductivity produces thermal resistance of 0.11" squared/W to 0.14" squared/W for the SARCON XR-e and 0.09" squared/W to 0.12" squared/W for the SARCON XR-j. Both thermal filler pads have flame retardancy to satisfy UL94 V-0 requirements. And the pads are flexible enough to conform to a variety of design considerations, such as tolerance backups and multiple component heights, and are designed to adhere to components in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including protrusions and recessed areas. Custom die-cut pieces are available, too. Pricing of the filler pads is $0.15/square/square inch. For more information, contact FUGIPOLY AMERICA CORP., Carteret, NJ. (732) 969-0100.

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