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Bus charging
Momentum Dynamics uses wireless charging to top off the batteries in an electric bus.

Electric Bus Charges Ahead

A bus must stop many times, and Momentum Dynamics plans to take advantage of that fact—using its wireless charging to top off the batteries.

Momentum Dynamics builds wireless charging solutions. Its wireless charging system is designed to deliver power to stationary electric vehicles. This normally occurs in a parking space such as a garage where a vehicle is often left overnight to fully charge.

But what about vehicles that are always on the move? The larger the battery, the longer they can operate. The usual mode of operation is to charge the batteries when the vehicle is not in use.

This approach works for most applications, but there are a number of applications where an alternative is available—such as with municipal busses that travel specific routes and that stop at specific locations to pick up and drop off passengers. It is at these stops that Momentum Dynamics plans to install wireless charging stations (see photo).

The charging stations are designed to top off the batteries in an electric bus, not provide a long-term charge. Normally a bus will stop for a minute or more, but that is enough time to add additional power to make it to the next stop for the next charge. This can significantly reduce the size of the battery required by the bus, or else significantly increase the operating duration. Likewise, the same wireless charging technology can be used when the bus is out of service and parked.

This approach can be used in other areas where vehicles will stop for some period of time at known locations. Applications could include automated warehouses where an electric delivery vehicle must drop off or pick up items.

Incremental charging is not new, but applying it to large vehicles and specific applications can make it a worthwhile approach.

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