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Smart ED

Electric Cars You Can Buy

Electric cars may not comprise the bulk of automotive options, but there are still quite a few to choose from—including ones that are more affordable.

In the early 1900s, one third of all vehicles were electric. These days, we talk about Formula-E electric racers and the latest crop of electric vehicles (EV).

Electric cars may be relatively few in number, but you still have plenty to pick  from—including more affordable options. Here we provide a list of the latest all electric vehicles you can buy. The list would be much longer if we included plug-in hybrid EVs (PHEV), but we will leave that for another article.

Scroll down to check out the latest EVs. Click on the image to get more details about the vehicle.

Of course, Tesla is on the list. Toyota is not, however, as its offerings only include PHEV cars at this point. Typically, the cars are four-seaters but the tiny two-seat Smart ED has been included here. All of the vehicles have a range over 50 miles with most hitting 100 miles and a number over 200 miles on a single charge.

The tradeoff between EVs and PHEVs tends to be all-electric miles (usually lower for PHEVs) and the ability to continue on using a gas engine. Almost any EV will handle the average daily commute, which is under 30 miles round-trip. Many are surprisingly affordable, at around $30,000. Of course, there are those that break the $100,000 mark. The crop of 2018 EVs will likely increase the size of this list.

BMW i3, 114 miles, 4 seats, $42,400

BMW i8, 114 miles, 4 seats, $135,700

Chevrolet Bolt, 238 miles, 5 seats, $36,620

Fiat 500e, 87 miles, 4 seats, $32,995

Ford Focus Electric, 115 miles, 5 seats, $29,120

Hyundai Ioniq Electric, 124 miles, 5 seats, $29,500

Kia Soul EV, 93 miles, 5 seats, $32,250

Mercedes-Benz B-Class B250e, 87 miles, 5 seats, $39,900

Nissan LEAF, 107 miles, 5 seats, $32,680

Smart ED, 68 miles, 2 seats, $25,000

Tesla Model S, 210 miles, 7 seats, $66,000

Tesla Model X, 237 miles, 7 seats, $74,500

Volkswagen e-Golf, 125 miles, 5 seats, $28,995

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