Auto Electronics

EM introduces automotive-grade LDO regulator

EM Microelectronic has introduced the EM6156, an automotive-grade (-40 to +125°C) low drop output (LDO) regulator that combines voltage regulation, voltage monitoring and software monitoring with a watchdog function.

The EM6156 is said to supply a highly accurate 5 V, 120 mA output, and includes reverse battery, short circuit and over thermal protections. A reset function is activated when the regulator output drops below the threshold voltage. The watchdog function monitors software cycle time and execution. If software clears the watchdog too slowly, it will cause the system to reset.
The EM6156 is qualified according to AEC-Q100 and can support high-voltage operation up to 40 V. In automotive applications, EM Microelectronic's system power ICs are used to monitor the microprocessors that control electronic cockpit security, as well as other functions such as trunk closure systems, electrical spoiler control, dashboard, sunroof, steering, rear-view mirror and window controls. The EM6156 is available in an SO8 power package.

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