Auto Electronics

EM Microelectonic windowed watchdog ICs are AEC-Q100 qualified

EM Microelectronic has introduced three system power ICs that combine a multimode windowed watchdog timer, reset logic and 5 V low dropout automotive voltage regulators with output current capability up to 400 mA.

The EM6152, EM6152A and EM6153 are automotive qualified according to AEC-Q100, offer a -40 °C to 125 °C operating temperature range, and can operate at up to 40 V. The time-windowed watchdog function common to all three is said to recognize more faults than the watchdogs commonly used with microprocessors. The circuitry recognizes hardware errors, and software errors such as code executing too slowly or too quickly. The chips’ “enable” output is activated after software has cleared the watchdog successfully three times. Watchdog timing behavior and reset threshold voltage are programmable with external resistors.

In automotive applications, the devices monitor the microprocessors that control electronic cockpit security, as well as other functions such as trunk closure systems, electrical spoiler control, dashboard, sunroof, rear-view mirror and window controls.
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