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EM Microelectronic introduces low-power voltage regulator chip

EM Microelectronic has introduced the EM6152, an AEC Q100-qualfied system power IC that includes a multimode, time-windowed watchdog timer, reset logic, and a 5 V low dropout automotive voltage regulator with an output current capability of up to 400 mA.

The chip’s watchdog function is said to recognize more faults than the standard watchdogs used with microprocessors, and to cover both hardware and software errors. Timings of the watchdog function are programmable using one external resistor to set the power-on reset delay and the watchdog time. The ratio for the close/open watchdog window is factory programmable. Reset threshold voltage is also programmable using an external two-resistor voltage divider.

The EM6152 has a –40 °C to +125 °C operating temperature range and can support operation up to 40 V. It comes in an eight-pin SO8 (regulator current output up to 100 mA) or a PSOP-16 “power package” (current output up to 400 mA), and. In its “power package,” the EM6152 is suited for applications where linear regulators cause excessive power dissipation. The chip draws 145 µA quiescent current.

“As more and more electronic modules and systems are used in a car, it becomes increasingly important to use low-power voltage regulators with sleep mode in order to prevent draining the car battery,” said Mougahed Darwish, president of the management board of EM Microelectronic.

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