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Enfora GSM/GPRS wireless platform meets automotive requirements

Enfora said its Enabler III BGA, a GSM/GPRS wireless platform, can meet automotive application requirements for extended temperature operation, vibration tolerance, and CAN bus compatibility.

Brian Murphy, Enfora vice president, worldwide sales, said the platform not only enables wireless connectivity but also bridges the connection to navigation and service applications. Packaged in a 224-pin BGA, the Enabler III features integrated IP communications functionality and support for multiple communication protocols, peripherals such as cameras and Bluetooth devices, and SD and USB memory components.

An embedded software environment is said to enhance the integration and rapid deployment of capabilities specific to the automotive market. A programmable rules engine, network router, and control and automation capabilities are designed to simplify the operation and remote management of devices.

Enfora’s Service Gateway can also be used to provision devices and perform firmware over-the-air (FOTA) upgrades. The Gateway enables proactive management and control of the devices during regular operation.
Enfora said it has been granted Parts Warrant Submission by Jaguar for its Spider MT product, which is based on the Enabler platform.

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