Auto Electronics

Entertainment, Business and Online en Route

Equipped with the Car Infotainment System based on the InCar-PC-Envader of the German firm EEPD and Intel processors, the BMW Individual 7 series is set to become a rolling multimedia center — offering entertainment, business and online services on the road.

While the driver is on the telephone using the cellular phone module and being guided through the traffic by the navigation system, the passengers in the spacious rear of the vehicle can relax to a DVD movie, watch the news by digital TV or call up their e-mails. The business passenger can also watch a PowerPoint presentation or his or her Excel, Word or other documents that were loaded into the system before the journey or received by e-mail. In the most advanced version of the InCar-PC (Pentium-M processor and 855GME chipset) the backseat passengers can even carry out different activities on their individual monitors integrated into the backs of the front seats.

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