Auto Electronics

ETAS offers virtual ECU software prototyping on a PC

Automotive application development tools vendor ETAS has released INTECRIO PC-Connector, a PC-based environment for testing electronic control unit (ECU) software functions against plant models (driver, vehicle/environment) and generating target-specific code.

ETAS marketing director Rod Line said the product, which includes an OSEK-compatible real-time operating system, enables virtual prototyping earlier in the development process to validate new functions using model-in-the-loop tech­nol­ogy without the need for special prototyping hardware. He added that the same control functions can also be validated in real time using real-world sensors and actuators and rapid prototyping hardware such as ETAS’ ES9010 or ES1000.

INTECRIO PC-Connector allows users to integrate control models built in MATLAB/Simulink with software models built in C-code or ETAS’ ASCET. An open COM interface supports tools such as C++, VBScript, Perl, or Python for customization or connection with third-party configuration management or requirements capture tools. INTECRIO also supports XML for model and data exchange.
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