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Firecomms RCLED-based fiber-optic transceiver gains MOST certification

Firecomms Ltd. said its MOST fiber-optic transceiver, which is based on high-speed resonant cavity LED (RCLED) technology, has been certified by RMCtech as compliant with the MOST 1.1 physical layer specification.

Firecomms project manager, Brian McGarvey, said the FCM110R transmitter uses a high-speed RCLED source with an integrated lens that’s designed to maximize coupling efficiency. The source provides optical power greater than -7 dBm with an operating current of less than 25 mA, and rising and falling optical edges of less than 4.2 ns. The FCM110D receiver completes the transceiver unit.

McGarvey said that during certification, the fiber-optic transceiver delivered an additional 8 dB of optical power over the specification. He noted that the optical budget allows the firm to target higher temperature performance, meaning that customers can use extra inline connectors and develop more efficient car harnesses.

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