Auto Electronics

Firm sees navigation trend in China

CCID Consulting predicts that navigation will become a trend in China's car global positioning systems market. Some 815,000 GPS systems were sold in China in 2006, the firm said, generating revenues of ¥4.19 billion ($510 million). Unit volume and sales revenues increased by 50.8% and 107.3%, respectively.

CCID said that Toyota, Honda and Nissan vehicles sold in China in 2006 were all equipped with navigation GPS, and that Shanghai GM, Beijing Hyundai and Chery have begun installing navigation GPS in their new models. Overall, more than 300,000 vehicles were produced with pre-installed static navigation GPS systems.

The firm estimated overall automotive electronic sales in China at ¥86.76 billion ($10.58 billion) in 2006; an increase of 39% over 2005. Power control, chassis control, and sound systems were among the more popular applications in addition to GPS and tire pressure monitoring systems.

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