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Flash Memory Boasts 70-ns Random Access Time

Aimed at embedded applications, the Axcell M29W and M29DW high speed, single-level cell (SLC) NOR flash memory delivers 70-ns random access time with the capability to support 60 ns. These latest additions to the Axcell M29 family of products are pin-for-pin compatible with existing product architectures, and are optimized for 256-Mbit applications in the automotive, consumer electronics, communications, and computing markets. The 256-Mbit Axcell M29W and Axcell M29DW are designed to simplify designs by supporting the popular, industry-standard command set. M29W supports uniform block architecture while M29DW provides a parameter block, multibank architecture that supports reads in one bank and program or erase functionality in an alternate bank. Both M29W and M29DW will support AEC-Q100 certification, a higher level reliability certification required by automotive manufacturers. The flash memory can provide a full-chip programming at speeds of nearly 3.2 Mbytes per second. ā€œSā€ secure-compatible versions for increased device protection. Samples of the 256-Mbit Axcell M29W and M29DW flas memories are available now. Volume production starts in September 2009. NUMONYX B.V., Geneva, Switzerland. +41.21.822.3700.

Company: NUMONYX B.V.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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