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Freescale adds four 8-bit automotive MCUs

Freescale Semiconductor has added four automotive microcontrollers to its 8-bit S08 portfolio.

MCUs in the S08SG family target local interconnect network (LIN) slave, general market, and space-constrained automotive applications. The MC9S08SG core operates at up to 40 MHz, stretching the boundaries of 8-bit performance into the range of 16-bit MCUs. On-chip emulation/debug helps reduce development time by enabling developers to make software changes in real-time. The devices eliminate the need for external clock sources. Other features include low-voltage inhibit (LVI) circuits, voltage regulators, I/O multiplexers, watchdog circuits, and A/D converters.

The MCUs are supported by Freescale’s CodeWarrior Development Studio and by a $59 demonstration board (DEMO9S08SG8). The S08SG8/4 MCUs are priced at $1.35 each in 10k quantities.

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