Auto Electronics

Freescale and Tilcon collaborate on graphical display solutions

Freescale Semiconductor and Tilcon Software are teaming to develop hardware/software systems that are said to enhance graphic display performance, speed time to market and reduce system cost. Applications include automotive telematics systems and advanced instrument clusters.

The collaboration combines Freescale’s Media5200 processor platform with Tilcon’s Interface Development Suite (IDS) for engineers developing 2D and 3D vehicle displays with instrumentation, diagnostics, navigation, communication and multimedia functions.

“Together, we are developing performance-optimized graphics hardware/software stacks designed to take advantage of the integrated hardware acceleration technology and high-speed rendering capabilities of our current and next-generation processors for telematics built on Power Architecture technology,” said Mike Bryars, manager of Freescale’s Telematics Operation. The Media5200 processor platform is based on Freescale’s MPC5200 processor.

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