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Freescale targets powertrains with 3 MB flash in 32-bit MCU

Freescale Semiconductor is targeting powertrain and other automotive applications with the MPC5566 microcontroller, which offers 3 MB of flash memory; the largest array in a Freescale MCU. The memory array includes up to 128 KB of on-chip static RAM with error correction coding (ECC); read-while-write (RWW) capability, and variable length encoding (VLE), which is said to help reduce code footprints by up to 30%.

The MPC5566 is the seventh device in Freescale’s MPC55xx family, which is based on the e200 core and power architecture technology. Freescale and ST Microelectronics earlier this year agreed to collaborate on joint design of automotive MCUs based on power architecture technology, including 90 nm products. General Motors plans to use members of the MPC55xx family in future powertrain engine control systems.

MPC55xx MCUs feature up to 32 k cache; a single-instruction/multiple data (SIMD) module for digital signal processor (DSP) and floating-point operations; up to 88 timed I/O channels, and a 40-channel dual A/D converter with a 5 V conversion range. MCUs can be configured with up to five FlexCAN, two eSCI, and four DSPI communications interfaces. An ethernet controller is available for the MPC5566.

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