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Frost lauds Sense Technologies’ safety mirrors

Sense Technologies, Inc. ( received Frost & Sullivan’s ( 2008 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for Industry Innovation and Advancement of the Year for Sense Technologies’ ScopeOut automotive safety solution.

The research firm said ultrasonic, radar, and camera-based systems developed to limit danger from vehicle blind zones are fairly expensive high-tech solutions that only cover the area directly behind the vehicle and require that the vehicle must be running, and in reverse. As a result, Frost said, such systems are ineffective for use in traffic situations.

“Sense Technologies’ solution is based on mirrors placed so as to significantly reduce blind areas,” said Frost & Sullivan senior industry analyst Joerg Dittmer. “ScopeOut covers the spots to the sides of the vehicle, meaning that it can let the driver know if a child is running into the area behind the vehicle, or if another vehicle is approaching from the side.”

ScopeOut helps extend visibility up to 100 yards left and right, which makes it invaluable in lane-change maneuvers as well as while backing up. The units can be installed inside a vehicle’s rear window using a 3M adhesive tape that allows clean removal without damage to window tinting or defroster wires. It can be used together with a complementary ultrasonic, radar, or camera-based system for more complete coverage.

“ScopeOut is valuable when backing up in driveways and parking lots, when surrounded by obstructions such as large vehicles or shrubbery, when changing lanes in traffic, and for drivers with limited mobility, who may find it difficult to turn to look out a vehicle’s back window,” concludes Dittmer. “Although alternatives are higher-tech in nature, the ScopeOut product is durable and should last as long as the vehicles on which it is installed.”

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