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Frost reports on Japanese steering systems

The Japanese steering systems market is seeing an increasing shift in focus from hydraulic power steering (HPS) to electric power steering (EPS) systems mainly due to EPS’ fuel economy benefits, according to a new report from Frost & Sullivan.

Frost research analyst Jatin Khanna said total market revenues are expected to increase from approximately €1.49 billion in 2005 to €1.51 billion in 2013, a compound annual growth rate of 0.2%. Khanna added that EPS systems are likely to “almost completely overtake” HPS by 2020, though OEMs are likely to continue applying HPS in models with extremely tight budgets.

Electric hydraulic power steering (EHPS) systems are well on their way out in Japan, having received largely negative feedback, according to Khanna. EHPS systems cost almost 18% more than HPS but offer a fuel economy improvement nearer 2%. Although more expensive than conventional HPS, EPS offers exceptional fuel economy and energy savings compared to HPS. “This is because EPS draws power on demand and is able to achieve an 85% higher efficiency in converting electrical to mechanical energy,” Khanna noted.

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