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Fujitsu introduces new 16- and 32-bit automotive controllers

Fujitsu Microelectronics America, Inc. brought new 16- and 32-bit controllers to Convergence 2008. The 16-bit F2MC-16FX and 32-bit MB91460 series are for new meter cluster, car body control, vehicle infotainment, and FlexRay applications.

The firm said its 16-bit F2MC-16FX controller family is designed to meet emerging requirements for automotive safety, reliability, and passenger-comfort applications including dashboards, air-conditioning control, anti-lock braking systems, and power steering. Compared with the predecessor series, F2MC-16LX, the 16FX controllers are said to provide RISC-like performance based on an improved CPU architecture with a significantly increased internal bus bandwidth.

The 16FX series combines the advantages of 16- and 32- bit architectures, with C-code efficiency that benefits from the 16-bit instruction set, and instruction pipelining, a technique widely used in 32-bit RISC ICs. The 16FX can operate at up to 56 MHz, more than twice the speed of its predecessor. Overall performance can be up to six times the performance of the 16LX generation. Design aids include the SOFTUNE Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which provides a complete toolkit for applications design.

Fujitsu’s 32-bit MB91460 series targets body control, infotainment, and FlexRay applications. The controllers are built around the Fujitsu FR70 core, which can operate at up to 100 MHz. Controllers in the series incorporate up to 4 MB embedded flash and feature pre-fetch/cache architectures, flash security, and other functions designed to support emerging vehicle applications. The series provides gateway functionality, and enables the integration of multiple in-vehicle CAN networks.

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