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Fujitsu Ten launches new infotainment/navigation systems

FUJITSU TEN LIMITED has introduced two new AVN infotainment/navigation systems, The ECLIPSE AVN4430, featuring a detachable TomTom navigation device, and the AVN726E, with all-digital video circuitry and a 7-inch WQVGA TFT display.

The AVN4430 in-vehicle navigation system has a permanently mounted source head unit that plays DVDs, CDs, CD-R/RWs, MP3 and WMA files. The head unit has a motorized tilting front panel that hides the disk slot when a cable-connected iPod provides audio, and/or video on the display screen. The head unit also has a USB port, as well as provision for steering wheel controls and a rear-view camera.

The TomTom navigation device has a 4.3-inch WQVGA display with touch control for all functions, including voice recognition and Bluetooth hands-free calling. The display indicates source unit information when docked and functions as a standalone portable navigation device when removed. When connected to a computer, the device can access content such as Mapshare, navigation voices, and POI edit. A separate mounting kit is available for using the navigation section in another vehicle. MSRP for the AVN4430 is $850.

The display on the AVN726E has day/night view modes that can be linked to the headlights for automatic activation. The digital display circuitry eliminates analog deterioration, such as noise and smearing, and automatically adjusts outlining, color depth, and contrasts, resulting in more vivid images, according to FUJITSU TEN.

The AVN726E plays DVDs, DivX, and CDs, including CD-R/RW. It has a USB port for connecting devices to play MP3 and WMA files, and an iPod can be connected directly for audio and video playback. The AVN726E is ready for use with SIRIUS and XM tuners, and/or HD Radio tuners with iTunes Tagging options.

The AVN726E offers six preamp channel outputs with 5V output for high fidelity audio expansion options. Bluetooth technology for hands-free calling and audio streaming is built-in, and factory steering wheel control is possible depending on the car brand. The AVN726E has rear seat DVD entertainment capability and rear view camera capability.

The map/navigation database is pre-installed in the unit’s 2 GB flash memory. An SD card slot is available for updating maps.

The AVN concept was selected by the Consumer Electronics Association as an “Innovations 2009 Design and Engineering” honoree.

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