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GPS baseband chip from Atmel and u-blox includes weak-signal tracking software

Targeting portable navigation devices, Atmel Corporation and u-blox AG have jointly introduced the ATR0625, a baseband IC that includes SuperSense GPS weak-signal tracking software in ROM, eliminating the need for external flash. The software combines coherent and incoherent tracking with variable integration times for individual satellites to achieve leading-edge tracking sensitivity of -158 dBm with low power consumption.

Based on the 16-channel ANTARIS 4 GPS platform and packaged in a QFN56, the ATR0625 is pin-compatible with the ATR0622 ANTARIS 4 baseband IC with standard ROM software. Atmel GPS product line manager Frank Gruson said customers can use the ATR6025 to enable existing products with weak-signal tracking technology. The chip operates at 62 mW, but power saving modes and built-in power management capabilities can bring power consumption down to 5 µA. Gruson said on-chip USB connectivity eliminates the need for a serial-to-RS-232 or serial-to-USB converter. The ATR0625 supports serial EEPROM memory as an alternative to Flash EPROMs for storage of custom configuration settings.

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