Auto Electronics

Hard Disc Specifically Designed for Automotive Industry

The EE25 series disc drive is Seagate's first drive designed specifically to meet the needs of the global automotive industry and other extreme environment applications. EE25 series is targeted at automobile OEMs and their system manufacturers as well as to ruggedized mobile computing and industrial PC applications. High-capacity 20 GB and 40 GB capacity points will deliver massive storage for bringing DVD-free, GPS and high-quality AV entertainment services to the car.

Extended operating temperatures will enable the EE25 series to reliably deliver digital information whether in Scandinavia or Singapore. The world's first hard drive with extreme environmental resistance that can operate in temperatures from -30 8C to 85 8C and in high-humidity and high-altitude environments, the EE25 series resists conditions that would cause lesser drives to freeze up, overheat, or fail in the mission of delivering new digital services to the automobile. Similarly, the drive's increased resistance to operating vibration of up to 2.2 Gs withstands the constant vibration of automobile operation while streaming navigation, entertainment and data services.
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