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Hella sensors monitor engine oil levels

Hella KGaA Hueck & Co. has introduced a second generation of its ultrasonic oil sensors to help manufacturers achieve new emissions standards and help vehicle owners monitor oil levels.

PULS (packaged ultrasonic level sensor) and PULS+C (+ condition) sensors use multi-chip module technology that has nearly halved the number of parts per sensor compared with Hella’s previous version. A dampening cup reduces the currents, turbulence and surface movements in the oil pan caused by engine operation and vehicle movement. If the oil level is too low, the sensor will notify the driver of the exact filling requirement.

PULS+C continuously monitors key oil properties including viscosity, density, and permittivity (dielectric conductivity). It can match oil-change intervals to the respective engine and consumers’ driving styles.

Hella is developing a dynamic oil-pressure sensor for 2010 that will allow the electric oil pump to be intelligently controlled to provide the optimum oil film for different engine operating states. The feature is expected to trim the oil pump’s energy consumption, contributing to better fuel economy.

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