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Honeywell MEMS rotational rate sensor targets automotive stability control

Honeywell has released a MEMS rotational rate sensor, GG1178, an angular rate-sensing device said to enable low-cost inertial measurement units (IMU) for advanced GPS-assisted navigation systems. The sensors are designed to reduce errors from acceleration and off-axis rotations. Applications include automotive stability control and GPS-aided navigation.

The GG1178 combines a MEMS sensing element and a CMOS ASIC in a ceramic package. The sensing element uses differential capacitance and device symmetry to reduce errors from acceleration and off-axis rotations. The ASIC detects and transforms changes in differential capacitance into an analog or digital output proportional to angular rate.

Sensitivity and output bandwidth are factory programmable.

For more information regarding these products call 1-800-323-8295 or visit the Honeywell Web site at for specifications and other related information.

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