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iBiquity Digital plans telematics ecosystem

HD Radio developer iBiquity Digital is striving to build an ecosystem to support telematics applications for the technology.

“Telematics delivery is a major offering enabled by HD Radio technology,” said iBiquity chief operating officer Jeff Jury. “Digital technologies for telematics will require a ubiquitous yet locally focused pipeline, and HD Radio broadcasting is poised to enable advanced automobile infotainment and data services.”

Jury said iBiquity, working in partnership with telematics providers, has put various elements of the ecosystem in place. Services currently available in the U.S. include Clear Channel Radio’s Total Traffic Network, and the Broadcaster Traffic Consortium, which offers NAVTEQ traffic data.

Potential HD Radio telematics services can also include advanced navigation, subscription audio, mobile entertainment and targeted data services such as Real-Time TMC (Traffic Message Channel, advanced navigation and traveler information, traffic database update services delivered to on-board navigation system, point-of-interest (POI) updates, and localized infotainment such as gas prices, movie times, weather, and local events information.

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