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IBM Jazz-based platform features web interface

IBM has introduced Rational Team Webtop, a web-based user interface for its Jazz-based systems and software platform. The company also announced more than a dozen enhancements and/or integrations for existing products for requirements management, change management, modeling, configuration management, and collaboration.

Hans Windpassinger, Rational Software Go-to-Market Manager for the automotive industry, said Team Webtop provides a composite view of the information stored in separate tool repositories such as Rational DOORS and Rational Change. Users can access all of the available tools and repositories with a single sign-on, and will no longer have to navigate between tools.

IBM also introduced enhanced versions of Rational DOORS (version 9.2), Change (5.2), Team Concert (2.0), Rhapsody (7.5), and Synergy (7.1). All are scheduled for June availability.

DOORS 9.2 allows a wider range of stakeholders to review, analyze and modify requirements data via the web interface, without installing additional software.

Change 5.2 has been updated to include a central Synergy server that enforces traceability by managing all change processes within a wide area network. IBM said an interface between Rational Change and Rational DOORS provides round-trip traceability.

Team Concert 2.0 provides improved security features and scalability for enterprise deployments. Enhancements include an enterprise server with an unlimited number of developers, server support for p-Series hardware (AIX 5.3), support for 64-bit server platforms, and synchronized delivery of 13 languages.

Rhapsody 7.5 includes improvements for rapid prototyping and testing, and a new Agile code engineering workflow that synchronizes models and code.

Synergy 7.1 consolidates software assets and delivery on a single SCM platform with WAN access for distributed users. It also provides enhanced support for software reuse and component-based development.

An interface between DOORS and Rational Quality Manager improves traceability between test cases. Analysts can verify in DOORS that all requirements have been covered by test cases, and can also monitor test results. Other new interfaces include DOORS to Quality Manager, Rhapsody to Quality Manager, Focal Point to System Architect, Team Concert to Quality Manager, and Team Webtop to DOORS and Change.

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