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I.M.A. taps Tyzx 3-D vision technology for BMW driver assistance system

Tyzx Inc. said that video recording company, I.M.A. GmbH is using Tyzx 3-D vision technology to develop a validation system for driver assistance components currently under test at BMW Group.

I.M.A. is working with BMW Group to adapt its DART video technology for real-time 3-D environment data recording, including detection of lane markers, vehicle position, traffic signs and weather conditions in real time. The system records relevant data to validate driver assistance components. I.M.A. has integrated Tyzx stereo vision real-time image processing with its DART technology integrated to create a driver assistance validation kit that is being used by BMW Group to validate and further improve the current product.

"With radar, you can see the world as a bat sees, but with Tyzx 3-D vision technology, you can see the world as a human sees," said I.M.A. chief executive officer Roland Schmidt. “The Tyzx stereo camera system represents an improvement on the radar/one camera technology because it generates additional data, has more accurate real-time distance measurement, can input more visual information, is in color, and can, therefore, operate better under changing light conditions."

"Automotive application of this technology promises to be one of the first very high volume applications of stereo-vision technology in the marketplace," said Tyzx chief executive officer Ron Buck. "If you can make it work well in an automobile, then you can make it work well in a dozen other environments without a great deal of difficulty."

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