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Infineon XC2200 MCUs target automotive body and gateway applications

Infineon Technologies has launched the XC2200, a family of scalable microcontrollers offering 32-bit performance for automotive body and gateway applications. Christopher Hegarty, vice president and general manager of the Infineon’s Microcontrollers business unit, said the new MCUs are based on C166S V2 architecture and offer DSP-level performance.

The MCUs allow designers to select the optimal combination of memory, peripherals, temperature characteristics and packaging for specific application requirements without changing a printed circuit board design.

Hegarty said software compiled for the devices can be used across an OEM’s model platforms. Infineon estimates that overall cost savings in development, qualification, validation and testing from fleet-wide use of the devices could be as much as 30% compared to the normal cost of hardware and software design.

The first members of the family (XC2264, XC2267, XC2285, XC2286 and XC2287) are available with 448 kB, 576 kB or 768 kB of flash memory, 66 MHz or 80 MHz operation, and peripheral sets optimized for low-end door modules or complex body control and gateway modules. All are available in -40 °C to 125 °C operating temperature versions and in 100-pin and 144-pin green (lead-free) low-quad flat pack (LQFP) packages. Future products planned for introduction later this year will offer flash configurations from 32 kB to 1.280 MB, 40 MHz operation, and smaller and larger package sizes (64 pins and 176 pins).

Peripherals include two 30-channel analog-to-digital converters that can be synchronized. The A/Ds feature optional data pre-processing and a conversion time as low as 1.2 µs. A CAN gateway is also available, as is circuitry for supervising light bulbs without relying on the main processor.

Universal serial interfaces (USICs) can be used as a universal asynchronous receive transmit (UART) interface, local interconnect network (LIN) interface, buffered serial peripheral interface (SPI), inter-IC (IIC) bus interface, and inter-IC-sound (IIs) interface. A multiCAN interface (rev. 2.0B active) provides up to 256 flexibly assignable message objects on up to six CAN nodes and gateway functionalities. AUTOSAR software drivers are available for all XC2200 products.

The devices consume less than 60 mA at maximum performance and 50 µA in standby mode with a running on-chip voltage regulator. Power management features include brown-out detection, a low-power clock for a short wake-up time, and a wake-up timer and stand-by SRAM.

An XC2267 with 448 kB of flash memory, a temperature range of -40 °C to +125 °C is priced at approximately €5.65 ($7.35) each in quantities of 20,000.

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