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Infiniti FX uses GKN Driveline’s electromagnetic AWD coupling

GKN Driveline Torque Technology is providing the latest generation of its all-wheel drive (AWD) coupling to the new Infiniti FX to improve performance while trimming the component’s weight by 30% and reducing drag torque by about 80%.

GKN supplied its coupling technology to previous FX generations and also supplies the rear sideshafts for the new Infiniti FX50. GKN said its new coupling, integrated into the Infiniti FX’s transfer case, helps boost the vehicle’s overall fuel economy. The GKN electromagnetic control device directs the driveline’s power flow, providing optimum AWD performance when needed and rear-wheel drive performance when it is not. Up to 50% of the vehicle's power can be transferred from the rear wheels to the front wheels if necessary to optimize traction.

GKN Driveline Torque Technology managing director Graeme Walford said the firm’s re-engineered electromagnetic control devices are also deployed on the Nissan Murano.

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