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IPextreme offers Infineon IP

Semiconductor intellectual property (IP) licensing company IPextreme Inc. has added four products to its portfolio of Infineon Technologies IP. IPextreme will market, license and support Infineon’s MultiCAN, MCDS, MLI and MSC interface blocks to system on-chip (SoC) designers seeking to integrate serial interface technology.

MultiCAN is a controller area network implementation, configurable from 1-6 nodes, with TTCAN and gateway modes. Multicore debug solution (MCDS) adds logic analyzer and ICE-like access to signals buried deep in large SoCs. Multiprocessor link interface (MLI) is a serial interface that requires just a few pins to enable heterogeneous parallel processing for inter-processor communication. MicroSecond Channel (MSC)) is a high-speed serial interface to the uS-bus optimized for control of power modules such as electric motors, fuel injectors and ignition coils.

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