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IR automotive switches promise better power density and response time

International Rectifier has introduced an IPS60xxPBF family of fully protected, high-side intelligent power switches that are said to leverage next-generation silicon and enhanced packaging for improved power density and response times. Automotive applications include transmission and gearbox, solenoid drivers, lighting control, and brushed dc motor control for seats, window lifts and wipers.

Anthony Murray, technical marketing manager for automotive components, said the devices “deliver impressive gains in RDS(on) and consume much less board area for the overall solution.” The IPS6011 delivers maximum on-state resistance of 14mOhms in a DPak.”

Devices in the IPS60xxPBF family integrate power MOSFETs with various standard protection features for overcurrent, overtemperature, ESD, and active clamp. An integrated charge pump allows the devices to be driven in high-side topologies without additional components. The devices also feature reverse battery protection, in which the output MOSFET is actively turned on during a reverse battery event to significantly reduce current flow through the body diode and reduce power dissipation in the part during an event, thus improving reliability and eliminating the need for more components. The devices also provide diagnostic feedback to the microcontroller, allowing detection of basic faults such as open load and short circuit.

IR’s IPS60xxPBF devices are RoHs compliant, Q100-qualified for automotive applications, and available in a variety of packages.

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