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IR logic-level automotive trench HEXFET MOSFET simplifies drive requirements

International Rectifier has added the 100 V-rated IRLR3110ZPbF to its logic-level trench HEXFET MOSFET family. The device is said to have an improved logic gate capability that results in only a 14% increase in on-resistance when going from a 10 V gate drive to a 4.5 V gate drive. The IRLR3110ZPbF is RoHS-compliant and Q101-qualified for automotive use up to the maximum junction temperature of 175 °C. It features 16mOhm on-resistance at 4.5 V.

Automotive product manager Anthony Murray said the new device simplifies automotive electrical systems such as window lifts, lighting, actuators and anti-lock braking since the 4.5 V drive enables direct interfacing to microprocessor outputs with a 5 V bus.

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