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IR Thermometer Chip Module Claims To Be World's First

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Said to be the world’s first IR thermometer chip module and targeted for use in automotive, consumer and industrial applications, the MLX90601 combines a programmable signal conditioning sensor interface IC with a micro-machined IR thermophile. Capable of measuring to better than 0.1°C, the IR module is a dedicated digital signal processing chip that can do full digital sensor calibration, scaling, and linearization of dual non-linear input signals from any voltage source over a desired temperature range. The module’s amplifiers are chopper stabilized to enhance noise performance and low offset. And the I/O configuration, as well as analog settings, are in-circuit programmable by means of an SPI serial interface. Two comparators, controlled by either one of the two linearized signals, are also available on chip. They can be used with different settings for the threshold level, polarity and switching hysteresis. The on-chip supply regulator can be powered by an automotive ignition supply line (8V-80V) and can withstand SAE standard ignition trasients. The chip is fully operational in 16 ms. The MLX90601 is priced at $5 each/100,000.

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