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KEMET expands product line with surface-mount capacitors that pack a powerful punch

KEMET Corporation has added EIA 1210 case size capacitors to its ceramic capacitor portfolio. The devices offer the same capacitance and voltage extensions as KEMET’s EIA 1812 line, but in a smaller package. Capacitance values are 6.8 µF and 10 µF in a 25 V-rated part type and 4.7 µF in a 50 V-rated part type.

"Customer demand for more capacitance has translated into thinner dielectric layers and a higher layer count," said Corey Antoniades, associate product manager for KEMET’s Ceramic Business Unit. The HiCV capacitors are suitable for automotive applications among others. The capacitors are available in an X7R dielectric with an operating temperature range between -55 °C and 125 °C, with zero bias capacitance shift limited to ±15% over that range. Capacitance tolerances offered include both K(±10%) and M(±20%). They meet all requirements of AEC-Q200-rev C.

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